Additional Information

As with so many things in life, I believe that being healthy and fit is a combination of many elements working together.  The following links are full of information that I have found to be invaluable. 

Mark’s Daily Apple - A great website and blog about nutrition and fitness.

Movement Parallels Life - This guy offers some serious movement nutrition.

Jamie Oliver - This guy is amazing. Not only does he share loads of fresh and healthy recipes, he also is trying to change the way our world eats and looks at food. Check out this amazing TED talk by Jamie Oliver to understand a little more about his cause.

MovNat - Sick of the gym? Feel that you need to get  back to the basics? Check this out for a very different and interesting view on fitness.

RMTAO - This is the association I belong to and its website is full of useful information for everyone. It’s a place that can answer a lot of questions and where you can can learn a little more about massage therapy and how it may benefit you.

My favourite stretching video for low back and hips.

Sarah Allen, R.M.T.   ~  Huntsville, Ontario